24 April, 2008


I'm feeling very guilty for neglecting this poor little blog and its faithful readers (reader? Heh). It's been a bit of a crazy week, with Lily's party (21 kids and a good time had by all, but exhausting), heading down to base a couple of times, hanging out at a craft morning, David's mom landing in the hospital (very worrying, but in the end a good thing as they fixed a misdiagnosis and are getting her back to fighting form), hosting a morning social today for some of the spouses of people in D's unit, and various other stuff. Somewhere in there, I attended the preschool's annual general meeting and agreed to chair the committee again this year. That's added a lot of little items to tick off my list as well.

I have pictures from the trip that I need to post or email to Susie (Other Susie) . I have fourteen gabillion blogs to catch up on. Our wedding anniversary is coming up tomorrow (12 years, amazing!) and I haven't even gotten a CARD for D. yet. I did book the restaurant reservation, though.

I miss you guys, and I hope to be a bit more scintillating next week. Maybe even with pictures!


Susie J. said...

Personally, I think I've posted my fair share of pics, and you should post these to your blog. :)
Happy anniversary! What restaurant are you going to? And what's the name of that chinese restaurant we went to? Because they totally need to open up on here in my little town. I bet the owners would be totally groovy with that idea, don't you?

Samantha M. Dowd said...

I am one of your readers =) I know you are busy. Grayson come down with a tummy flu today so I get it. Life happens you know =) Have a great anniversary!!