09 January, 2007

I'm still here...

Sorry for the lack of Knitterly Content, or any other sorts of content, actually. I've been sorta focused on Le Health Spa blog page, and haven't felt like knitting on anything.

I did pull out the Sari Silk Scarf I've almost finished, and I've stashed it in my purse for on-the-go knitting, like when I am on Tae Kwon Do waiting duty.

I can't get excited about socks, I can't get motivated for the shawl, and I'm not ready to dedicate myself to Ivy yet. It remains my absolute favorite thing from the fall issue of Knitty, however.

I actually seamed the shoulders of my Noro vest and wore it for an afternoon (all it lacks is a zipper, and the final round of I-cord edging around the armholes, which I was considering skipping. That was very disappointing. The vest just draaaags down, and looks very stretched out and ... odd. I can't even call it a Boho Chic feature, or anything. I was SO pleased to have found a pattern that showed off the coloring and could be knit to my dimensions.

In my heart, and my head, I know what the problem is: I knit the Noro too loosely. That's usually my problem. If you have ever seen my knitting in person, you will see that I am the most "Relaxed gauge" knitter there ever was. Makes for a mellow knitting session, but explains why I must knit socks on size 0 needles or smaller. But I can't imagine reknitting the same vest all over again in a tighter gauge. Especially since I don't love how it looks right now. It's hard to picture it looking good, KWIM?

I don't know what I want to do next with this yarn. [Whine, whine, whine.] I love it, love the colors and the feel, but I'm running out of ideas. I might try some mitred squares, but again, I have to watch the gauge. Do I have to knit this stuff on size 3 (US) needles to get a non-floppy fabric? Ai yi yi.

I have a feeling it would lend itself to felting. Anyone out there used Noro Kureyon in a felted project? That sorta limits the projects to...oh, a bag. I don't want or need a felted hat. Felted slippers out of Noro - seems awfully decadent. Maybe I need some decadent. Or maybe a multidirectional scarf. Or six. I have a LOT of this Noro.


marianne said...

Hi Susie,

I'm working on a big, cozy prayer shawl for myself...to wear while I knit, or read, or when I go out too! It's just natural, and funky and rich, in my opinion! In fact, I ran out of the original Noro I was using for it and have begun mixing colors in earthy and bright stripes. Just an idea! Good luck!

Susie said...

Marianne - that sounds gorgeous! One the first things I tried with this Noro was a sort-of-shrug in a mistake rib. I loved the look of the stitch, but not the shape of the garment. Maybe I need to give the Noro permission to be a square or a rectangle :)

Liz said...

How disappointing! I hope you find something to do with it. Do you have enough to make a lap-sized blanket? A lot of people seem to be enjoying using Lizard Ridge with their Noro.

Lynn said...

I'm sorry the vest isnt what you had hoped. But the prayer shawl that Marianne mentioned sounds nice!!
And I LOL when I read in your food spa blog of how the hat didnt hide the waist!! LOL

CLARKE said...

I don't understand knit speak, but I hope you get rid of your... knitter's block? In other news, I wrote another thousand words on my novel. How YAY is that?