16 January, 2007

Wedgie Update

Heh heh. That pattern name makes me snicker. Heh heh. But the pattern is terrific! I had a bit of a hitch figuring out the wrap and turn of a short row, but then all became clear, and I'm sailing along. I did the first 4 sections, and here's a progress shot. Not much time to knit today, as I had a bunch of errands and then a ladies' night out (bowling - wheeee! Boy, am I bad at bowling...). But here's what my Wedgie looks like so far. It definitely showcases the Noro colorshifts, and size 5 needles are giving me a FIRM enough fabric while still being relaxed knitting.


Everwhelming said...

Hey, that looks really nice!

Vyvyan said...

Lookin' Good! I really like you Noro colorway.

Lynn said...

Hey that looks good!! HAve fun bowling! If I break 100 I'm happy!!