07 November, 2008

Bonfires in the Rain; Funny Movie Link

Good morning from not-so-sunny Norfolk!  It's grim and wet today, which bodes ill for the Bonfire Night party we'll be going to.  I need to get some fireworks to take along, and some newspapers to stuff the guy David wants to bring.

I missed the Link O' the Day yesterday - sorry.  Today's link is to Stalking Santa. Just read about this film today. It's a mockumentary about some Santologists trying to prove Santa is real.  The trailer, linked above, cracked me up.  Don't think it would really interest the kids, but looks like a fun and funny one for grownups.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

OMG this looks hysterical! A cross between Blair Witch and X Files!!! LOL and it's narrated by William Shatner! He's a hoot!