06 November, 2008

Word Verification; Kids' Christmas Party Suggestions?

Cohiptoc.  Tylli.  Dimicapr.  Metubses. Stmene.

I spend too much time wondering about the verification "words."  Wondering - what language does that resemble?  I wonder what it would mean.   Cohiptoc is definitely Aztec, don't you think?

We're just starting to plan for the children's Christmas party to be hosted by our spouses' group.  There tends to be a big crowd, and the kids vary in age from 0 to 13 or so.  Makes it tough to settle on a theme.  More than likely, the party will be in their meeting space; it's got a counter, sink and some minimal food prep areas and then about a dozen tables of varying sizes.  Time - after work, so heading to dinner hour for most kids.

In the past, we've had some games, a visit from Santa, bouncy house (not able to do that in this smaller space), cookie decorating, food and there ya go.

I'm thinking an ornament theme for the crafts.  My new love of the laminator has given me some good ornamenty ideas where the kids can do minimal work but end up with a pretty durable craft.  And there's always popsicle stick Rudolph  - a brilliantly simple craft.

We'll have Santa stop by, maybe a game or two (any ideas? It has to be a game in a small space, so the kids can each have a go. We don't have room for group activities apart from half a dozen kids at a time at craft tables...).

Cookie ornament decorating. Maybe a table where you can write a Santa letter, or do a wordsearch or Christmas quiz page.

I'm wide open to some fresh ideas that I can use for this, or even for a holiday party here at home.

Commenters, I welcome you with open arms!!


Elizabeth said...

How about Ring Toss with soda pop bottles--they win the bottle. That's really popular at our school carnival.


Bean Bag Toss

Family Fun is my go to place for games, crafts, etc. We did the Penguin Shuffle game from that website at a school party. Basically, the kids hold bean bags or whatever on their feet like penguins hold their eggs and shuffle in a race.

Sounds like a fun time!

Toni said...

So I suppose they're too young for a rousing game of "pin the footprint on the ex-president's backside?"

mormonhermitmom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I remember a Christmas ornament craft I did in 2nd grade many years ago. We were given a styrofoam ball or egg, and we ripped up tiny pieces of wrapping paper (lots of different colors) and we glued the pieces on like a collage. Our teacher made a loop out of a piece of ribbon and used a straight pin to tack it on.