04 November, 2008

I Voted; Now I'm Ready!

I love presidential elections.  Perhaps it's the dweeb in me, but watching election returns is like watching the Superbowl for me, except I actually also get to participate. I generally stay up until the winner is declared. Since the first polls on the East Coast close at midnight my time, I think I may nap a bit first this year!

Sent my absentee ballot in a while back; DH had to download the federal absentee ballot for military folks since we couldn't get his to him in time to get it done and counted.  The bright side there is that I was able to take DH's to school this morning so David's teacher could show the class what an American ballot looks like, and talk about the election a bit.

I hope the results are clear and decisive. I have bad, bad memories of the 2000 election.  Hanging chads, anyone?  I want to know that the people have spoken, that we've chosen a new leader, and that it's final.  Then I am choosing to be happy that the election is over, and I look forward to the new year and a new administration.

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Lynn said...

Living in Florida, yes I DO remember the hanging chad! LOL Interesting to think we are living during such an exciting time in history. Wonder what the social studies books will say abt the elections of the past 20 years??