09 November, 2008

Doctor Who Scarf or Blanket?

This morning  I had an e-mail from a friend (and sometime knitter - hi, Angie!) asking for yarn recommendations for a Doctor Who scarf, a la the Tom Baker incarnation of the Doctor.

Well, I've never really given a lot of thought to making a Doctor Who scarf, so I headed to Ravelry, where I found a plethora of patterns and pictures of finished scarves, complete with yarns used.  Beautiful stuff!!  I also discovered that there's an amazing website out there by Chris Brimelow, who has done patterns for all the different versions of the scarf worn by the Doctor in various seasons.  Just browsing the pages makes me sort of want to knit my own, even though the thought of knitting yards and yards of garter stitch makes me a bit queasy.  It would make great telly-knitting, though.

Then, the thought occurred to me - what about a Doctor's Scarf Baby Blanket, or even Grownup Blanket? A quick Google search tells me there's not one out there, at least not at first "hit." Two ways you could do this, or three, that leap immediately to mind.

First, garter stitch on the diagonal, increasing with every row until you're halfway there, and then decreasing your way back down. Just use the shaping from this pattern link, but change colors as for the scarf striping. You could pick your favorite section of the scarf and work those colors.

Second - just straight garter stitch, like the scarf pattern, but about 200 stitches wide for a baby blanket size. Again, choose your favorite section of the scarf and work that, so it won't be 10 or 12 feet long.

Third - knit three strips of scarf, perhaps three different sections from the pattern, about 30 or 45 inches long, depending on whether you want a pram or crib blanket. Then seam them together, side by side.  Obviously, for an adult blanket, you'd want more strips, perhaps six or seven, and longer ones.

Definitely a great GeekBaby gift, I think!

If you decide to give it a go, let me know in the comments! I'd love to know if I inspired anyone...

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