10 November, 2008

Pure Joy, Linky Love, and Christmas Pictures

Pure joy would be finding "Lost Camera" so that thinking about "Broken Camera of Doom" isn't quite so painful.  Now to charge Prodigal Camera...

Linky love is this post at  Small Notebook.    Simplify or use what you have?  What's the better choice? Is there a better choice?  When is one more desirable than the other?

Christmas pictures - wish us luck. The Good Photographer is in residence at the preschool this afternoon, so I'll be taking the kids home from school, gussying them up and heading over there in hopes of a worthy Christmas card shot.

That is all.  Hope you are having a wonderful day, wherever you may be.


Rachel said...

Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day too!

Lynn said...

I am SO happy you found your camera! Where was it??? I didn't have my camera for 4 days and I was just abt to lose it! I LOVE my camera and love to take pics of my yarns and kids and cats and bugs and sky and, well you've been to my blog, you know! LOL

Hope the photo shoot went well!!