08 November, 2008

Thanks, Neighbors!

Not much scintillation for ya today.  Last night's Guy Fawkes party was great fun. My massive pot of chili was inhaled, along with another and a vat of soup.  There were a bunch of folks from church, a great big bonfire and three Guys to toss on it (we made one), and a long fireworks display (all the guests contributed a few fireworks).  We had a real fireman and several helpers to run that, and they did a super job.  Lily was literally squealing with delight the whole time.

Tonight, I had just put Lily to bed when I heard some fireworks noise. Looked out the window to see that our neighbors just the other side of the stable were having a party and fireworks.  Gentle Reader, these were near professional quality. I said to small David, they must have spent hundreds of pounds.  I pulled  Lily back downstairs, and we all watched from the dining room window.  What a show!

Again, thanks, neighbors!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet Lily had fun getting out of bed again to watch fireworks! You're a good Mum!

My Mom used to let me get back up on Friday nights when company was over and they had donuts.

It was an extra special treat since I got to get UP again.

Lynn said...

I didn't realize that your neighbors were that close! How cool to see yet another round of fireworks. You can never get bored with fireworks.!