05 November, 2008

Sleepless Posting

This doesn't make for eloquence - I hoped to get some sleep after heading to morning craft group to finish up the Laminations of Doom (the zillion pieces of Christmas game that I cut and colored last night while watching election returns).  No such luck. I did finish up the game, but now am waiting on the plumber to return, this time to fix a leaky outdoor tap that's bleeding us dry (waterwise and billwise).

Will send kids to bed early and go early my own self.  I'm absolutely shattered from staying up all night, but it was kinda fun, anyway. Would have been better with David here, and it made me miss my mom.  She never got to vote in a Presidential election, since she just got her citizenship in 2006.  That didn't mean she didn't invest emotionally in every single Presidential race, though.  We had some good times watching CNN :) 

My sister just called - Hi, Annie! - to say: "We won!  We won!  We won!!"  She's pretty giddy, in a good way, as the local candidates she did a bunch of work for have won, and that means good things for their town.  Politics really DOES reach down to the grassroots level, and it does affect us.  And that's pretty cool.

OK. Linky Love for today: This Wasn't In The Plan .  It's a life, frugality, family, and funny sort of blog, and very, very entertaining reading.  Plus the occasional cute kid pics, too!

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