28 January, 2007

Go See the Magic

Hiya, Gentle Readers....check out our Family Blog for a great little slide show of our trip to Disneyland Paris, made by Darling Husband of Mine.

Knitting...not so much this past week. I did work on Wedgie while I waited for the Disney Princess parade to start, so that was fun, but it's still got a skein to go, maybe two if I decide to make it superduper-long.

27 January, 2007

I'm Baaaack.

Yes, we made it home from our EuroDisney trip, and everyone had a really lovely time! I will post pictures when I get settled. The last two days have been unpack/recover days, but today was a "migraine from nowhere" day and I ended up crawling into a dark room to hide under the covers for almost 5 hours. I'm up now, but there's still a fraction of headache left, which means I still have a really bad headache, just not a "my head is going to explode" headache.

Let me get through this day, and perhaps tomorrow will improve!

19 January, 2007

Just to Say Howdy!

Checking in to tell you, Gentle Readers, that I am officially the baddest bowler of the ladies who gathered on Tuesday. Sounds better than the WORST bowler, doesn't it? I seriously contemplated putting up the bumpers on the lane, but I was laughing too hard at my ineptitude to do it. 50-odd points. A new low in bowling scores for me, I think. It just makes me want to go back again soon, though. I know I can improve THAT score.

Noro Wedgie continues to grow pretty fast, although I only sat down to do one wedge last night. I am getting the exact gauge, and I think I may even use three balls instead of just two. I like a long Tom Baker-length scarf and the color changes on this are really fun to watch. As I get through the third set of repeats, I'm finding that I can "feel" the flow of the pattern, and I don't have to keep count as ruthlessly as I was two nights ago. Really really nice!

I got an unexpected, and lovely, knitting gift yesterday - thank you, Not-so-secret Pal! Speaking of lovely things, check out this knitting shop/site, kpixie.com. Drool, drool, drool. Sock yarns are calling my name pretty loudly right now...

16 January, 2007

Wedgie Update

Heh heh. That pattern name makes me snicker. Heh heh. But the pattern is terrific! I had a bit of a hitch figuring out the wrap and turn of a short row, but then all became clear, and I'm sailing along. I did the first 4 sections, and here's a progress shot. Not much time to knit today, as I had a bunch of errands and then a ladies' night out (bowling - wheeee! Boy, am I bad at bowling...). But here's what my Wedgie looks like so far. It definitely showcases the Noro colorshifts, and size 5 needles are giving me a FIRM enough fabric while still being relaxed knitting.

15 January, 2007

Noro Joy!!!

I have just seen a pattern that is perfect (perfect I tell you) for my beloved, yet annoyingly un-knit-up-able, Noro Kureyon yarn. Check out the Happy Camper and this post of hers. Scroll down to see her Noro version...I also love that colorway.

I'm going to give it a spin this afternoon, and see what happens - the pattern's very different from anything I have tried. Lots and lots of short rows, which I haven't tackled before. Oooh, a challenge!!

09 January, 2007

I'm still here...

Sorry for the lack of Knitterly Content, or any other sorts of content, actually. I've been sorta focused on Le Health Spa blog page, and haven't felt like knitting on anything.

I did pull out the Sari Silk Scarf I've almost finished, and I've stashed it in my purse for on-the-go knitting, like when I am on Tae Kwon Do waiting duty.

I can't get excited about socks, I can't get motivated for the shawl, and I'm not ready to dedicate myself to Ivy yet. It remains my absolute favorite thing from the fall issue of Knitty, however.

I actually seamed the shoulders of my Noro vest and wore it for an afternoon (all it lacks is a zipper, and the final round of I-cord edging around the armholes, which I was considering skipping. That was very disappointing. The vest just draaaags down, and looks very stretched out and ... odd. I can't even call it a Boho Chic feature, or anything. I was SO pleased to have found a pattern that showed off the coloring and could be knit to my dimensions.

In my heart, and my head, I know what the problem is: I knit the Noro too loosely. That's usually my problem. If you have ever seen my knitting in person, you will see that I am the most "Relaxed gauge" knitter there ever was. Makes for a mellow knitting session, but explains why I must knit socks on size 0 needles or smaller. But I can't imagine reknitting the same vest all over again in a tighter gauge. Especially since I don't love how it looks right now. It's hard to picture it looking good, KWIM?

I don't know what I want to do next with this yarn. [Whine, whine, whine.] I love it, love the colors and the feel, but I'm running out of ideas. I might try some mitred squares, but again, I have to watch the gauge. Do I have to knit this stuff on size 3 (US) needles to get a non-floppy fabric? Ai yi yi.

I have a feeling it would lend itself to felting. Anyone out there used Noro Kureyon in a felted project? That sorta limits the projects to...oh, a bag. I don't want or need a felted hat. Felted slippers out of Noro - seems awfully decadent. Maybe I need some decadent. Or maybe a multidirectional scarf. Or six. I have a LOT of this Noro.

06 January, 2007

My Darling

Today is my Darling David's birthday - he's MUCH, MUCH, MUCH older than I am. Almost a month, even.

Kisses to you, today, baby! You get better with every passing year, and I am so very lucky.

03 January, 2007

Guilty Pleasures....

Oh, yes...the rich, creamy awfulness that is Celebrity Big Brother UK. We are sooooo there. Watching the entries now - so far, my favorites are some SClub7 popstar and old disco popstar Leo Sayer (?). Oddest and probably most drunk - director Ken Russell. Now, we have some gossip columnist coming in....ooooh, the meowness. I think there are live feeds free on that link above.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha - now I have passed the madness on.

02 January, 2007

New Link for you, Gentle Readers

I'll be blogging in a separate spot about weight loss, fitness, the universe, and everything - so if you want to see progress pics, hear progress news, read my whining, send ecncouragement, or anything like that, check out the Health Spa link at left. And if that's not your bag, baby, it won't be cluttering up the clutter that is the Knit Farm. Heh.

Happy New Year!

We had a lovely, quiet New Year's Eve. Small D stayed up to see midnight in, but just barely...He turned 8 a few days back, between Christmas and New Year's.
I love this picture with his cake. By the by, we ate one slice each and threw the rest away. Kids don't like any part but the frosting, but the grownups like it all. Too much!