05 September, 2010

Quick Update in Sockness

For you KnitFans out there, I finished the stripey socks yesterday except for grafting the last toe, and I've completely finished sock 1 of the Kalajokis!  Cast on sock 2 and I am about to start the heel on that one now.

Alison was right about recognizing the wool - it's her hand-dyed Yarnscape Footsie in Blue Pine.  Clever girl :)  Check out that link - the Footsie is the sock weight wool, and Bunnylace is just...awesomeness in a skein.

Quiet day today - school begins tomorrow so we have to get all the ducks lined up for morning, but right now, I am kicked back and ready to knit...

04 September, 2010

Brushing off the cobwebs. Anyone out there?

Whoa, it's been a long time, hasn't it? 

Last posting in March.  Lily ended up being really ill for 2 weeks.  David deployed again and is home now.  Life went on in the usual pathways, with some lovely highlights here and there.

Did some family history work in the summer, and discovered that we have two half-sisters.  I've been in touch with one, Kate, and that is just wonderful! She is funny, and clever, and very much a Devine :)   My [our] sister Anne was able to meet her when they were in the same area for other reasons...Really, this has been the high point in the year for me.

Summer break for kiddoes - no big trips as David couldn't take the leave.  Legoland, London a couple of times, Cambridge and Norwich days out, and a flying trip to Wales, too.   A couple of sleepovers, some days at the playground, a few movies.  It's been a truly relaxing holiday.  Kids start back to school on Monday.

Knitting mojo is back, although it took its sweet time... I started these socks in the spring sometime and they've traveled around in my bag, getting not very much attention at all until the past month.  I call them Kaffe Broadripple-Top Socks, as the wool is a Regia Kaffe Fasset colorway and the top is filched from the Broadripple sock pattern.  I'll finish them later today or tomorrow, I hope. Love the color and the way the stripes are showing up.  This is my first "fraternal" pair of stripey socks, as well.

My mojo seems to have come back in full force because of the 6 Sock September knit-along on Ravelry.  Below is the first of my six socks, in progress. The pattern is Kalajoki.  It's really a nice, smooth knit, although I have to keep track of the chart. Doesn't the wool suit the curving river of the pattern?