12 March, 2010

Life and Funny Things

Knitting - slow. Lily - sick for waaaay too long, and feeling 90% back to normal now.  Thank heaven.

Have you heard of RickRolling? That's my Funny for today - here's the Ultimate RickRoll.  Check it out...

04 March, 2010

Update on sick kid, and an old draft post that was kickin' around...

 Lil: still sick and actually worse.  So not strep, as Urgent Care thought on Sunday.  Doctor yesterday said he's seen a LOT of kids with this virus this week.  Fever, bad throat and then painful mouth sores and NASTY swollen-up gums, etc.  Got a prescription for  a numbing mouth rinse.  Slightly helpful - still won't eat more than a mouthful of anything.  May last 4 more days, according to doc.  My week/weekend commitments?  Cancelled.   Sticking close to fever girl, and pushing liquids.

I spied this little dashed-off entry still in draft form, so enjoy:

  • Little habits... we all have 'em.  Diet Cherry Coke, handbags [shiny, shiny!] or whatever it may be. Check out this thoughtful post about what your habit may be costing you in the course of a year.

02 March, 2010

Pink Noise, or the Mathematics of Movies

This is quite an interesting article, discussing this study in Psychological Science. Apparently well-edited movies [whether they are fluff or "serious film"], and lots of other things, follow a wavelike pattern that is pleasing to the mind's eye. 

Who knew?

01 March, 2010

Olympic Finish Line?

Emmmmm, not so much.  Lily blossomed with fever Monday morning, which resolved over the weekend into horrible strep throat and tonsillitis.  I spent my weekend snuggling her, and much of Sunday afternoon in Urgent Care since she hurt too much to eat/drink. A shot of penicillin for the strep and a dose of steroids for the tonsil inflammation, and there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Fever's come down a lot but she's still miserable and too sore to eat, so not a lot of knitting happening.

I did cast on the fronts and they are all of 2" tall so far.  I have a feeling I'll do more knitting today, though.  Congrats to any Gentle Readers out there who had Knitting Olympics goals that they met!!