26 March, 2007

The Last Gasp of the Camera...

With its dying breath, my 4-year-old digital camera took this oddly blurry picture just for you, Gentle Reader. Of course, it ate six other pictures that it was showing had been taken, so I'm not TERRIBLY grateful. Will have David look at it, but I sense it's time for a new camera...

Blurry, and uncontrasted against off-white carpet, I present....Snowdrop Blocking! The dresser behind it is shown for scale. I promise an outdoors picture with human wearer once it's dry.

25 March, 2007

Hmmm...What could this be?

Anyone know what this picture could be? Anyone? Could it be a Snowdrop Shawl (unblocked) wrapped around two little girls?

Why, yes. Yes, it could be. And it is! Having our friends visit this week, I had some nice sit-and-knit time, and I bound off the top edge of the shawl on Friday. Slightly stretched on the floor, I can tell that it is going to be HUGE, so I am definitely taking the easy out and not adding the edging. Should I do the shawl again, I'll use smaller needles if I want to add the edging.
Sometime this week, I should get some pins so I can do a spot of blocking. Stay tuned for that!After Snowdrop is finished, I'll be back to the Ivy for a while, methinks...

18 March, 2007

Hello from a Nice Weekend

Greetings, everyone! David and I attended the squadron's Dining Out on Friday. A formal affair (with elements of The Crazy as well), and occasion for the Sunday best...I like this picture. Thanks to picture-taker Samantha for making us so photogenic!

Check out www.honsinger.net and www.knitfarmhealthspa.blogspot.com for even more picturey goodness...

13 March, 2007

Checking In

Sorry no scintillating posts, or even progress on Ivy, to report.

Sick kids, depressed me, Life Happening. Sometimes it's not even worth posting about. Kids still sick, me not so down, weather getting better. If only we can finish with the horrendous coughing and the albuterol, things should get back to normal.

04 March, 2007

Yellow Submarine

I had forgotten how VERY surreal this cartoon is. Lily and I are watching it as I type, and it's terrific, but makes me feel like I should be taking some mind-altering substance. Or be 3 years old. I'll go with the 3 years old, and a diet Dr. Pepper.

Got to hang out with some friends and knit a little yesterday - thanks so much, Jeanna! I admired their scrapbooking efforts, and got a bit more inspiration to get mine going again. Amazing, creative pages - I love looking at scrapbooks. We had a little Chinese food for dinner, and I made it home in time to see the lunar eclipse with the Davids (Lily had long since been put to bed).