31 October, 2005

Well, chickens, this is my blog. A blog unto myself right now, with exactly no readers. And that's OK. I just need to talk to another grownup, even if I AM that other grownup.

This is the KnitFarm...it remains unfurnished, and will until our furniture arrives from the States. Three more weeks, and counting. Even then, I will be looking for more furniture, as I think there is only one spare chair.

The KnitFarm, aka the Hormone Hut, aka Midlife Mews, aka Perimenopausal Place, aka my very own place for books and tea and yarn and books and scrapbooking things and yarn and yarn and peace. Knowwhaddimean?

It is the fabulous, if unheated, outbuilding that belongs to our fabulous house here in England. I love the Air Force for sending us here, yes I do.

Today is Halloween, and my creative juices have been tasked with costuming David and Lily. David is done - the pirate is ready to swash and buckle. Lily is a flower and it's...in progress.

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Julie said...

I just found you and really enjoy your blog (s). I don't live in Riverton, Utah. I live next door in South Jordan, Utah. My dad was a pilot in WWII, I love British mysteries, I have a little house out back for my weaving, spinning and knitting and various "female" dispositions. Your children are beautiful. I am a real Anglophile. Happy for you to be able to live in England.