13 December, 2006


If a knitblogger wants to knit a pair of socks in December but is:

a) sick,
b) rawther lazy, and
c) still working on a certain Snowdrop Shawl

do American Girl doll socks count as official Sock-a-Month socks? In my defense, I can't get that gauge (8-8.5 st/inch) to save my life on size 0 needles, so they will be bigger. Perhaps even requiring a touch of felting to fit the dolly. Could I call them booties, which do count? Rules are: Must fit a human.

Writing of the Snowdrop Shawl reminds me - poor Yarn Harlot has outgrown her webspace, or something like that, and can't make new posts or take comments until it's sorted. I, along with multitudes of others, am in serious withdrawal.


Lynn said...

Call them baby booties and they'll count! American Girl Dolls feet are abt as long as a newborn's foot. Since there are no newborns in the household at the moment, the AG doll will use them until there is!!

Anonymous said...

There are no knitting police!

Sad about YH's server. I'd be foaming at the mouth.

Susie J. said...

you can make them in blue and send them to Ray. :)