16 February, 2007

Wedgie Complete!!

One Wedgie, size 5 (US) needles, two and a half balls of Noro Kureyon, and total scarf happiness!! I decided not to do the differently-shaped final wedge and just cast off, but now I'm second-guessing my second guess. I think Vyvyan's scarf pictures show that the funny little last wedge is really THE way to go. I may spit-splice and add that wedge, or I may just live with my pointy one.

I really really like this scarf - I think it's a great way to show off Kureyon color shifts and it's skinny enough to wrap around while still being snuggly. GREAT pattern. I have some tan alpaca that would be really nice in this, but I think I am going to try Vyvyan's Argosy pattern for that. Am I ready for the challenge? We'll see! That is one chic scarf.


Liz said...

Very nice! It really captures that Noro flavor.

Is it really that warm in the UK today? It dipped below freezing in my normally temperate neighborhood today, so I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the result in your Noro colorway. The good thing about knitting is that its never really final or permanent. You can choose to keep the end like it is or add the end wedge later. The Argosy isn't that much of a challenge. Most people memorize the pattern after several repeats. Just let me know if you need any help or explanations (I know you won't!).

Wish my lawn was as nice and green as yours!

Hope little D is doing okay :)

Susie H said...

Yes, it really IS that warm!! I wouldn't stay outside without a jacket for long, but it was about 13 C, which is .... low 50s? Spring is coming, as the snowdrops behind me promise!

Thanks for the encouragement Vyvyan - I'm going to take a good look at the pattern tomorrow for Argosy.

Lynn said...

The scarf is really nice! I like the colorways in it. However I have to say I like the person wearing it more. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!