08 June, 2007

Back from Germany; Life and Knitting Update

We are back from Germany. Having David back is sanity-saving, and also makes me very happy. It's also very nice to be back home. We had a nice time in Germany, although the rain made it a little stir-crazy the first week when David had his surgery and we all were trapped in our rooms for a few days.

I posted a picture of me in Germany on KnitFarmHealthSpa (check link at the left) and I may put up some more touristy pictures on our family blog page. Or I may not. I'm doing OK mentally - except when I let myself think about things for any period of time. Denial is fine as a grief coping mechanism for the short term, but I think I need to talk with someone in the long term.

Here's what I did in Germany - I ended up ripping the mohair version of Branching Out after the first repeat and going with this wool that I brought along. I call the finished scarf Landstuhl Leaves after the military base where the hospital is located. The color is totally wrong but you can see the detail. This was a stash wool - two 50-gram skeins of Irish tweed in a deep greeny turquoise. Not blocked at all yet.

The unfinished scarf is my Argosy, which I love more with every repeat. This picture is blurry as all get out, but the color is true. When it is stretched to blocking size, it is absolutely lovely.


Lynn said...

Nice stuff!!! And I also love the garden in the background. All that rain sure greens up a place huh??
And talking to somebody is a great idea.

Liz said...

Lovely knits! and it's good to hear from you again. I'm thinking of you.