07 August, 2007

Answer to a Great Question

Everwhelming Liz left such an intriguing question in the comments that I must answer it in a post!

Q: Nice socks. I have a little question for ya. If you were actually going to make a pair of socks into a horcrux, which pair would you choose? Ignoring for a moment the really evil nature of horcruxes, of course.

A: Of the socks I've already made? The Vanilla Blue socks were my first "wing-it without an exact pattern" pair, so those might be a good choice. Otherwise, maybe something really tough and lacey, or perhaps a sock-within-a-sock project. Did one of those aeons ago when the KnitList was young, in the early 1990s, but my gauge was so off I ended up with two Christmas stockings, pretty much...

(Complete aside - you must go see Liz's veil right now. There's going to be a spectacularly beautiful wedding with such amazing handiwork gracing the bride...)


Susie J. said...

Oh. My. Gosh. OMGOSH. OMGosh. WOW. I just read the directions on the DKing. I suppose I should probably try a REGULAR sock before trying 2 socks at once, eh?

Liz said...

Thanks for the lovely compliment! Those blue socks seem like a good choice. I would probably pick my twisted flower socks because they're so demanding. There was a while in there I thought they might actually kill me! :-D