05 October, 2007

Too Many Needles?

Is there such a thing as too many knitting needles? I am in the midst of cataloguing mine for my Ravelry notebook and it's enlightening.

Who knew I had at least a dozen crochet hooks, when I very seldom crochet?

Who knew I had 29 pairs of needles without getting even halfway through the pile? Let alone sock needles and circulars. Hmmm.

This does not include the several pairs of needles living out in the knitting house, and the needles that are living in various WIPs. Hmmmm again.

I have used the opportunity to get rid of almost a dozen pairs of soft plastic needles that were well warped. I have several orphan needles so far, and I think I'll be ditching those too, rather than banding them together hopefully.

In my defense, the vast majority of my needle stash comes from thrift stores and yard sales.

It will be good to have it all organized. I still need to figure out a better storage system then up-ended into containers. Perhaps a long scarf as needle roll for the meantime.

Anyone out there type "doe snot" for "does not" a lot? Anyone out there snort whenever they do this? I do, I do!


Susie J. said...

*snort* doe snot. Bwahahahaha....

If it makes you feel better, I just barely got serious with my knitting (as you well know) and I already own 13 sets of dpn, at LEAST 15 pairs of spn, and round-about 25 circulars. I haven't made the jump to cable needles yet.
PLEASE don't ask me to count my crochet hook collection. I've been adding to it for 20 years now and it's a bit intimidating.
No, seriously, it's not that bad (I very nearly typed "it snot" there) because once I had one or two of each size I pretty much quit having reasons to buy more... but just a couple days ago I bought a new one. Size Q. Coulda sworn I already had one, but whatever. Been a while since I added to the pile... other than buying a set of bamboo hooks. Hmmm... Okay, I lied. I do add to it. But it's still not THAT bad! I've probably got 2-3 of each size, with a couple extra of F and G. Sadly, my teeny tiny sizes are not only single, but in most cases missing entirely. Until recently I rarely did work smaller than a size C, so all the teeny ones have been added one at a time as needed. Same with anything over a K.

Rosie said...

I do doe snot too! And I am never, ever going to catalogue my needles and hooks on Ravelry as it would take far too long. Remember now that you're in the UK you need to get lots of new needles, as american needles don't exactly correspond to measurements in mm.

Lynn said...

See, Ravelry might NOT be such a good thing after all!! LOL

Vyvyan said...

I haven't done the doe snot thing yet but now that you've brought it to my attention, I'll need to proof read better. Spell check won't pick that one up.

You can never have too many needles. Just needles you don't like anymore. I've become so partial to certain kinds now that my older metal ones are quite dusty--along with the rest of the house.

Toni said...

I don't think one can actually have too many needles, but it is a bit sobering when one has LOTS and yet discovers that they are all in use when one goes to start a new project. Perhaps, and I'm not committing to this, but perhaps one can have too many WIPs.......