06 January, 2009

Birthday Wishes and Jane Austen

First things first...happy birthday to my fantastico sweetie pie. I love you, babe. Thank you for all the happiness you bring to our lives.  May 2009 bring YOU much happiness.

There will be cake, and steak, tonight.  Let the revels begin!!

Now, on to lesser things.  This seems to be my season of Austen.  I so enjoyed listening to Pride and Prejudice on DVD a while back.  This past month, I've been sloooowly working my way through Emma, which is just as funny.  I do get distracted by other things, like being really ill, but I think I'll finish it this month. I can't just sit and plow through Miss Austen's books, however.  Nineteenth century authors are a real challenge to me, even though I define myself as A Reader. I have to take it a chapter at a time.  I'm also reading a biography of Jane Austen - will have to go dig out the title on that one  - which is dense, but interesting. 

All that is preface to a Funny Thing I found last night - what if Pride and Prejudice were a series of Facebook posts?  Check out Austenbook.  [Unlike real Facebook, the entries read from top to bottom, for ease...]  Enjoy!!


AftonB said...

Great link! I had a good laugh! Hope you find your knitting mojo.

Susie J. said...

Haha!! I love it!!

And I feel soooo much better, knowing I'm not the only one. I consider myself quite the avid reader, but I have a very slow time of it with Austin and the like. I love her stories, I just can't seem to get thru them as easily as I do with most other things. I've read P&P, I've started S&S twice, and attempted Emma at least once. In fact, I just picked up my Austin collection the other day (the one I bought in Lynn) to restart S&S. I got about 10 pages in before I had to set it down, and I haven't picked it back up again.

Bec said...

How funny....I just started listening to Emma this morning on audio-book! Finished the 1st chapter while jogging to the gym.