03 January, 2009

Knitting Mojo - I Haz None

Or, as Austin Powers would say, "I've lost my mojo!"

I feel the itch to knit, yet I can't think of a thing I WANT to knit. So very strange. I haven't really wanted to pick up the needles since before I had the flu, and now that I do, I feel all whiney and "I don't knooooow what  I want." Annoying.

I do think my reluctance to knit before now has a little to do with the Mystery Socks. I'm so sad to say it, but the patterning along the foot just does not agree with me, even when I ripped it back and tried simple ribbing. Just...meh. I am a plain foot girl, I suppose.  I have decided that's OK, however.

I do have some absolutely gorgeous pink/purple merino sock yarn I bought at John Lewis in December, but it is also hand-wash only, and I just can't decide whether I am up for hand-wash socks. It's so pretty, maybe it should become a scarf or something more visible, but it's also very strongly variegated.

Hmmm. I thought briefly tonight about some legwarmers for Lily out of some yarn she loves. I call it "pink vomit." Got it in a Lucky Dip at IKnitLondon in September. Check out this website - it's the large skein pictured.  I can't think of a better use than Lily legwarmers, can you?


Bec said...

Find that mojo!
I've already gotten my first FO of 2009! Woohoo! Nevermind that it was actually started in 08!
Next up: baby dress for my cousin. The silver-lining of the cloud that has settled in above my PCS is that since our date was pushed back, I have more time to finish the dress before I go!

Susie J. said...

Absolutely, on the leg warmers! Those would be cute.

I've decided to get my mojo back by picking up a crochet hook for a while.

Lynn said...

OOH I like that yarn!!! I never was a *pink* person, but ever since Baby Girl cried because she wasn't wearing pink, I've slowly come around. Yes leg warmers would be really nice. And so would a pair of socks.

The best way to get the mojo back? Shop your stash. Spend some time with it. and cast on something completely new. Best way to get the mojo back.