18 April, 2009

Waiting...with Charming Kid Pix for Distraction

The last day or so of a deloyment can seem like a week.  Let's hope it won't literally become a week!  I am so looking forward to my sweetie's return.

Meanwhile, the kids and I have been enjoying the term break.  Two weeks is a loooong time to just hang out.  I think we've all appreciated the respite from the usual engagements. There were a couple of movies, some bowling, hide and seek at the castle with a friend, bike riding, puppet shows created by kids, model-building, and general noodling around. We lucked out yesterday and were at the library in time for some great kitchen science type experiments (Mentos and Coke, layering liquids, fun with electricity)and pizza.

Easter day was lovely.  Here's a shot of the Boy and the Girl in their finery.  Note D's new sneakers...I didn't realize he didn't have dress shoes on til we were in the car headed out to church. Ah, well...they were nice and clean!

Two days later, it was Miss Lily's birthday.  "Now we are six," in the words of A. A. Milne.  Lily got a new bicycle from Mummy and Daddy, big enough for a 6-year-old.  I think she likes it...

Then nine young ladies made a day of it at the local Princess Party salon. It was a symphony of pinkness and pampering.  They did a lovely job making Lily and her friends feel like absolute stars.  Here is the princess in all her glory...


Anonymous said...

Lily looks exactly like a little princess. Hope she enjoyed her day of pampering.

Hope you get your DH back home soon. Waiting can seem to take FOREVER.

Lynn said...

So I need to turn six to get a spa day?? She turns 6 and gets a spa treatment, Baby Girl is 7 and is given a dooney and bourke. I am 42 and I get to do laundry. Hmmmmm.

and hopefully Big D will be home SOON!!

Tempewytch said...

Oh it sounds as though everyone had a great time and were pampered within an inch of their lives!

I hope your sweetie is home soon.

AJ Reese said...

Hmm, I'm with Lynn, here. How come 6-year-olds get the spa days, and I'm stuck trying to clear the kitchen table from paper scat** and fingerpaints?

That was a totally awesome looking spa day. I wish I could get my hair to do that. Maybe Lynn and I need to go hang out at the spa for a day to get the Cinderella post-ashes look. My hair is almost hitting my waist now, so it's just about time for Locks of Love. I'll be sad when it goes as I don't think I'll be growing it this long again. I'm now seeing silvery white hair threaded through it telling me that I'm 45 and probably getting a bit old for long hair and a hair clip.

And is it me or is Lily looking so much like a certain older cousin of hers these days?

**Author's note: I'm not sure what the connotation of 'scat' is in the UK, but I know that it is a term for excrement. In this case, I was sort of making a pun about the way it scatters around and well, um, stuff. Hmm, I hope this doesn't mean something super bad in UK terms.

AJ Reese said...


I just noticed that Lily has **HEARTS** in what looks like little glitter chips on her nails.

She got her nails done too?!! Sigh. Is this Princess Party place available in the Washington, DC area, by any chance? I have several little 'stars' here that would love the chance to primp and preen.

Of course, Amelia and I had the argument this morning that "No, you cannot wear your heels to school. They are for Church and Special Occasions ONLY." Not to mention that what was picked out last night was sadly out-of-fashion by this morning. Where does she get this gene? Where? Certainly not from my denim-and-cotton-must-be-machine-washable self.

Marianne said...

Oh my gosh...simply beautiful! I love the phto in fron t of the gate too. You are all...so...ENGLAND! xoxoxox Much love to the birthday girl!