14 May, 2009

Warning! Actual Knitting Content...

The knit mojo is back in a mild way. I've finished a pair of socks in a tan speckly color, and started a second pair in plain blue vintage sock wool.

I'd like to finish up those blue socks, and bring some really special sock wool along when we go to Normandy in a week for a D-Day sites trip with some other folks from David's work. Maybe this wool (scroll down for picture) - my winnings a while back in Liz's blog contest.

I also have my eye on a gorgeous vest pattern (thanks for enabling, Jill) called Vertigo. Check it out here. Nice, huh?

I shall leave you with some sock pictures, and a shot of David playing with the castle and knights I bought from a friend. This has been a VERY successful toy for both kids!

Neat thing about the castle is that it slots together, and can be packed flat. Not that we've taken it apart yet, in the 2 weeks since we put it together...

Notice that manky, crumply thing in the lower left corner? Unblocked, washed sock. My homemade sock blockers actually work - laminated cardboard, so not very durable, but they are fine for now.

Here's the latest sock in progress. I'd love to finish it tonight...we'll see!


Anonymous said...

My son would have LOVED that castle toy when he was a kid.

Anonymous said...

That castle toy is awesome!

Can you send some knitting mojo my way?

PS: We've just moved back to Maryland. I'm homesick for Yorkshire already!

Tempewytch said...

Crafting mojo coming my way would be appreciated as well! I really need to learn how to turn a heel AND get on with my stitching *sigh*

Bec said...

I've been doing some knitting too... mittens to wear to a bbq last weekend! Okinawa clearly did not prepare me for this weather! Now that I finally have a home phone, I'll be able to give you a call soon! I'll also rav-mail you my home #.

Marianne said...



I miss you!

:-) xoxox