21 February, 2010

Sleeves, as promised, and a jacket for spring

This fuzzy picture shows two sleeves in progress, slightly less than halfway along.  See how fluffy the yarn is?   Switching to metal needles did make a big difference in knitability, however.  The fluffy, squeaky yarn is moving along the needles pretty easily now. 

I am way behind if I hope to finish this during the Olympics, however.  I've got the rest of the sleeves, the fronts AND the hood still to slog through.  Ah, well, it's coming along...

And now for something completely different:

Pretty, no?  It's a fitted, lightweight trenchcoat. Bought it as a birthday present to myself after trying it on for fun, on a friend's urging [thanks, Afton!]. It was very inexpensive as coats go, at £20.  To be honest, it looks good, but BARELY fits - a little too tight when buttoned.  I really, really need to stop derailing my food wagon and say goodbye to the 15 pounds that arrived with winter eating.  Looking at this lovely thing is a little incentive to do just that!


Anonymous said...
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Alison said...

oooh, that trenchcoat is lovely! What a bright, happy, spring-y colour! A very worthwhile birthday pressie, I'd say (and happy birthday, too!).

great news about switching to different needles. I know that I strenuously avoid knitting anything on needles 8mm or larger - because at that size and above, all I have is plastic, and UGH! They are sticky!!

Lynn said...

That's a nice trench coat.

Glad the sweater is moving better with alum needles. Is the yarn acrylic? Nylon? BOTH?!?

Susie H said...

Lynn, it's 80% acrylic, 10% mohair, and 10% wool. And 100% sticky and fuzzy!!