14 September, 2006

People Who Just Don't Charge ENOUGH for Crafts...

Check out this doll, specifically, check out the amazing hand-knit outfit. Ladies take second-hand dolls, and kit them out by knitting the most amazing doll clothes. Then the charity shops sell them for ... just about free. This was the most expensive doll I have seen, at 5 pounds. I could just about weep when I look at the amazing detail in the clothing - lace trimmed undies, knit smocking, picot edging. I can't do HALF this stuff, and if I did you can bet it would take me more than 5 pounds' worth of labor!

Lily appreciates her anyway. She's named the new baby Shoe, because she has shoes. There ya go.

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Lynn said...

OMG the bloomers were knit?!?!!? That is amazing work for only 5 pounds!!! I just bought some sock yarn from England (suffolk) and it cost me a bit more than that!!