23 September, 2006

September Socks Finished

FO: One pair of Vanilla Blue socks.
Yarn: Sirdar Legend DK (wool blend) from stash, 2 skeins and it took all but 3 yards of each skein!
Needles: size 1 (US)dpns. I thought they were size 2, until after I'd finished. I'm glad I didn't know because small needles make me nervous.

Socks modelled by my mom because the pictures I took of my feet from above were...not flattering to the socks? They're a tiny big big for her, but perfect for me.


Lynn said...

I LOVE them!!! You did a great job on them. I personally like vanilla socks. I like the mindlessness of it all, and by the time I start getting tired of all that knitting, I have a heel or a toe to complete! Very nice and you got your sock done before the end of the month! Good for you!!

Susie J. said...

I'm in LURV with those socks! Such a pretty color, and they look so comfy!

Teri.p said...

Nice socks! Like Lynn, I really like plain vanilla socks, both knitting them and wearing them.

Marianne said...

OK, I found you on Crazy Aunt Purl's knitting spot post. You absolutely win for most wonderful place in the whole wide world to knit! I am in awe. Longing greenly to be you. :) OK, at least live where you live. Do you want a roomate??? I will be coming back to read you daily. Please join me on my blog as well, if you like. Great knitting projects too. Best, Marianne in California (AKA Busha Full of Grace)

Marianne said...

Whoops! Reread, and realize it may have sounded like I have great knitting projects...I meant YOUR knitting is great!