12 December, 2006

It's hard to believe sometimes, but it's been over 10 years since I left the world of the office, first for full-time freelance work, then part-time, and for the past 2 years for plain ole Stay-at-Home-Momliness. Now, way back in my Cube Farm days, I used to indulge my Not-so-inner Dork by sticking plastic action figures or the odd Happy Meal toy to my computer monitor top - He-Man and She-Ra had a good run, as I recall...it kept me amused. That and lots of coffee. And doughnuts.

Now, if they had had these fellas back then, you know I would have had them in the cubicle as well! Darling Son has had the various Cubicle Playsets on his wish list since we discovered ThinkGeek.com. Hours of fun, baybee.

Something else essential for any cubicle is a Successories poster, or maybe a Despair ,Inc. poster instead, like this one at left. Caution: some of these are so funny you may snort beverages from your nose.


Anonymous said...

I love both those sites. Note that every Despair.com poster is also perfect for "disaffected college students." You know, like me!

I've bought quite a few shirts from Thinkgeek, and my boyfriend buys a lot of gifts there. After Christmas I'll tell you how his brother liked the Airzooka, which shoots big blasts of air.

Lynn said...

I've seen the Despair site. OMG HYSTERICAL!!

And I had toys from Happy Meals on my desk/computer too!! Like you said, kept me happy. Added a bit of pizzazz to the work space. Most of them went the way of the kids but I did get the french Black Cat poster as a fridge magnet that hangs on my metal workspace. Also my snowman that I stitched. It really is those little things that keep you going and show SOME source of individuality.