13 July, 2007

Crazy-tastic Waiting Fun

Waiting for MS3 clue number 3. Still waiting.....Must. Keep. Knitting. MS3.

I know - so many people seem to be making two stoles...why not cast on a darker version? Call me crazy but I'm flowing with it. Stash-diving produced a charcoal grey fingering weight yarn in the right amounts. This is a Mystery Yarn itself, from a charity shop. All acrylic, charcoal grey with silvery flash in it that the camera does not capture. The actual color is somewhere between the two shots below, and the shimmer is very groovy. Needles - US size 4 (3.5 mm). I'm knitting this one with no beads because they'd be lost in the shine of the yarn, unless I used fluorescent yellow or something. I think not.

I think I am becoming Lace Literate because Chart A (first 50 rows of the stole) took me only 1.5 hours. I am using several of the tricks I have seen on the message boards, including covering the rows above where I am in the chart and "reading" the knitting. With the bigger 2-part charts, I have found that it goes faster if I look at each chart alone, without taping them together. In other words, I knit the right half chart, then pick up the left chart and do that. My eyes don't boggle quite as much this way.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I'm impressed, you have two going at the same time.

They both look fantastic!!!

Liz said...

I'm also impressed, they both look great. But did you say you're using acrylic for the second? Remember that it won't block as well, and don't use heat or you'll melt it. I know this from experience >_<

Susie J. said...

woohoo! I gotta say... I smiled and thought of you (and the yarn harlot) this afternoon when I saw a lady at BK knitting while watching her rugrats play. :) It made the world seem a little smaller.
I'm getting ready to tackle a new knitting project myself... but first I need to finish my current mystery project. I'll give you details later.

Lynn said...

Two at the same time?? Wow I dont even dare to attempt ONE. I'm struggling thru my feather and fan shawl, anything else would send me over the edge!
BUT at the end of this you will have two beautiful pieces. And I agree, beads aren't needed when you have sparkles in the yarn.

Heather said...

Wow - I really like this dark version! Wish we could see the sparkles! And I didn't even realize that there could possibly be a laceweight acrylic yarn - whod'a thunk it?