19 July, 2007

Whooo. Barely made it.

Wow. Just in time for the release of Clue 4, I've finished Clue 3 on the first MS3. I decided to finish Clue 1 on my "can't stand the waiting" second MS3 before starting Clue 3 on the first one, so that took a little time. Actually, I must admit that I took more time to re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

So. Here we have Stole 1 through Clue 3. Not stretched out at all, and very ramen-esque. I'm still loving it, despite its untidy look right now.

And here's a shot of Stole 2 through Clue 1. If you click on this one, the sparkle of the yarn shows quite a bit better than it did the other day.

Now, to get in the mood for the book release party tomorrow evening. There seem to be no in-store parties where we are in the UK, just queue parties where you are entertained in the street waiting for a midnight opening. Therefore, we are going to the in-store party down at the base where David works. Small David decided last week that he wanted to dress as Stan Shunpike (the Knight Bus conductor). I rounded up some various items, and his costume is going to knock 'em dead! My mom would be proud. Lily wants to be "His-mione" as she calls Hermione, so we've got school skirt, her Gryffindor sweater, and the black velvet cloak Mom made for David when he was 4. He won a costume contest as young one in that one.

Stay tuned for pictures of the costumed ones after tomorrow's festivities.

In honor of Mr. Potter and the final chapter in the tale, I plan to work on some Horcrux socks. I fell in love with these when I saw a striped version on
Tabitha Knits' blog. She can knit an awesome sock, that lady!


Susie J. said...

ok, LOVING the socks. So cool! And stole 2 is so sparkly! Coming along quite nicely on both, I must say. :)
I'm so jealous that you're going to a book party. I wanna go. BUT... since the kids and I have plans at 8am, and I have no good means of a babysitter at that time of night... yeah, not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

You make such lovely things. I'm green (and sparkly) with envy! After all of my new business is put together I'm wondering if I will still remember how to knit. Even so... I've yet to knit something so fancy.

Lynn said...

I love both shawls!! You have one for casual wear and one for dressing up! I like that sparkly stuff! Have fun at your party. I apparently am one of the few who never got into HP. Never did anything for me. BUT make sure you get pics of the kids dressed up. Cant wait to see them!!

KnitYoga said...

Ooh, two stoles! They both look gorgeous!

Lisa Dunn said...

Wow! Two stoles! I can't even keep up with the clues doing one stole. LOL I really love the sparkly one. You do beautiful work. :o)