29 September, 2007

For My Darling Husband....

A bouquet (image available here):

and an apology performed in interpretive dance (use your imaginations here):

I was wrong. I was soo wroooong. I'm beginning to think I may not have been entirely correct, even.

You were not completely crazy to sign up for Facebook. In fact, you were quite clever. Perhaps even brilliant. Or am I getting carried away?

I got invited in this morning, and have spent much of the day off and on sending invites to friends and locating other friends on Facebook. If you know me, and would like to be my Facebook buddy, shoot me a line!

I'm also loading more patterns into Ravelry, as well as reading some of the group forums, although that REALLY can take up a whole day in itself.

Feeling low and lonely, and it's nice to reach out and contact friends, even when they're pretty darn far away.

It's a good thing I can act in puppet shows, make out-of-season Easter crowns, and supervise glitterglue painting while on the laptop, though, or Lily would be mighty bored today.

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Liz said...

We can be facebook friends, but I prefer to keep my last name separate from the knitting identity and I don't know your last name. Send me an email, why don't ya? everwhelmingliz at gmail dot com.