30 September, 2007

Here Comes October...

...and that means SOCKTOBERFEST! Who doesn't want to knit a nice cozy pair of socks as we head into autumn? To join, just start knittin'. There is a Flickr group here. for anyone who wants to post pictures of their socks, discuss others' projects, etc. "We're Not Wooorthy" bows must go to Lolly of LollyKnitting Around; she started this shindig up and this will be year 3!

For anyone who doesn't know her blog, you MUST check out her posting on photography, especially useful if you want to make beautiful pictures of projects or yarn stash. It's a seminar-in-a-blog and I will be reading, and re-reading, in an attempt to get some better pictures than I have in the past.

That's all. Off to steam my stuffy head and possibly even clean a room or two. Or something.

1 comment:

Lolly said...

I am thrilled that you will be knitting socks with me this month! Have fun! :)