08 September, 2007

Updating Here and There...

Sooo....the kids are back at school. See here for a cute picture and my rant about the cost of wide footwear.

I've cast on the Hanami stole (gorgeous pattern available here). Check out this post at the Hanami KAL blog for my progress pictures. It's looking very nice, I think.

I got my Ravelry invitation. SWEEET! Didn't the kids used-to say that? Heh. I'm Susieknits over there, but have only set up a profile. Will explore the site in greater detail next week, when the kids are in school.

My MS3 stole, the pattern of which has been revealed now, is still holding at Clue 4. I thought I'd dive in to finish when the kids headed to school, but I was distracted by my Hanami start-up. I may alternate days working on them, or I may finish it up after Hanami. I love the MS3 stole so far, had a bit of angst about the big change in style it takes midway through the pattern, and have decided (based on looking at others' blogs) that I will knit it as written. However, I'm feeling the Hanami love right now, so that's what I want to knit.

This seems to be the Year of Lace for me - Snowdrop, Falling Leaves, Argosy, MS3, Hanami... Remember my Argosy scarf? Argosy is sort of geometric lace. I bought some amazing hand-dyed, handspun Blue-faced Leicester wool at the Sandringham Craft Show in May, and it was telling me it wanted to be an Argosy. I cast on last month, I think, and it is knitting up beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that I am going to rip the first version, and use it for something else. Check out the contrast between versions. The handspun is wider and a bit more vivid. I like it a lot. I also figured out that my decreases had been slanting incorrectly (I am a sort of backwards knitter), so I've corrected that in Version 2.

On the Sock-knitting Front, when last we posted, I had finished the stripey socks and the blue Horcrux socks. I had cast on another Horcrux for small D, but realized I would run short of the yarn I was using, so that's getting ripped out. Love that pattern, though. So quick and so fun!

I also cast on a basic sock in a tan variegated microfiber I got in Germany this spring, but I'm not loving it, and there's enough yarn there to do a small scarf/shawlette, so goodbye to that sock as well.

On the Non-knit Front, I'm doing better every day. I'm sad, but there are good times each day. David and the kids make me happy, a lot. I fell off the Eating-Sensibly wagon, to the tune of 10 pounds, and have pretty much climbed back on. I found a crafting group that meets Tuesdays on the base, and am hoping to make some like-minded friends there. I'll be walking for exercise, which should help my state of mind, too. Knitting is therapeutic as well, as it always is.


Liz said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your Hanami unfold. That pattern is just gorgeous.

Glad to hear that things are, slowly but surely, getting better.

Lynn said...

You'll have to let me know how Ravelry is. I still dont get the MAJOR draw to it, but apparently its pretty good since I've only heard good things abt it.

I LOVE that pail pink yarn!! And the beads look lovely on it. It's going to be gorgeous when you are done with it!

And I love the picture of the kids. I think its so cool they get to go to school in a different country. What an experience for them. What's funny is when you do come back to the states, they will sound like little english kids!! LOL

Susie J. said...

What is this Ravelry you speak of?? I've heard that name twice in the last couple days, and have never heard of it before then. I'll have to go look and see what I can find out at the link.
Your knitting sounds/looks wonderful!! I'm still plugging away on the diaper cover for T, and thinking of trying my first sock as my next project. We'll see.
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. (((hugs)))

Vyvyan said...

You know, the pounds, they come and they go. I can think of worse vices than food. Don't worry about the weight - just think of it as temporary for now.

Getting involved with a crafter's group will probably help keep your spirits lifted. I hope that works out well for you and that you have fun.

I shipped your little "something's" on Friday so be on the look-out!