05 May, 2008

Mud Is Good

Today is the May bank holiday here in the UK, meaning the kids and I are home but David had to work. Originally, I thought of heading to Ely to see the cathedral and the haunted Pizza Express (Nell Gwynn, I believe) but it is sooo glorious out that we chose the beach instead. We drove over to Snettisham, which is the closest beach, since traffic was getting heavy. It's a bit stony, the tide was waaaaaaay out, and the black flies were incredibly heavy.

At first, I thought we'd have to turn right around, because Lily's Crocs caught some sand and gave her a blister and then she was flipping out about the flies. However, after she had some snuggle time with me on the blanket, she was ready to check out the mud flats where David was busily digging.

We had some snacks, lots and lots of mud walking, and an ice cream to finish up. The kids had a glorious muddy day!

Now that we're home, I filled a huge Rubbermaid container with soapy water so they could play and rinse off the last dried mud.

Too bad I didn't bring my camera!

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