04 May, 2008

A Pleasant Sunday, After All

As the song says, "Always look on the bright side of life..." OK. Lots of times, it's not what I do, despite my reputation for cheery thinking. Sometimes, I get wrapped up in the negatives and can't find the positives for my disappointment. Many times, though, looking at the good can make the rest of a day not so bad.

It's not that today WAS a bad day, as such, really. Kids got bathed and dressed, we went to church, the sun was shining. It was just little disappointments, like not really "feeling the love" for church today, not getting much personally from the messages, not having David there with us. Then, at home, he was feeling under the weather (allergies kicking butt around here, with both Davids, actually) and neither of us were at our best.

But lunch happened, D soaked in the tub awhile, and small D took an allergy pill (which zonked him so much that he's now gone up for a nap at 4:30 PM and may be done for the day, I'll bet).

And then we all went for a walk-about in the village. We stopped at Linda's and had some cake, then passed the newly shorn sheep and the big pigs on one of the footpaths. We found some "archeology" as Time Team call their finds - little shards of old blue and white ware. Then we looked for, and I think we found, the circle you can see on Google Earth in a local field - maybe it's a Roman remain! Then it was up, past the cricket pitch and the cricketers, to the bigger footpath. By this time, small D was very drowsy and rather cranky, but we still saw some interesting flowers and things and even answered a call from Grandma Doe!

Being outside, and being together as a whole family, just recolored my day in the nicest way. I'm so glad for it.


Susie J. said...

I love Sunday afternoon walks. They're so relaxing, aren't they? (((hugs))) We all have days like that.

Lynn said...

I'm glad the walk made you feel better.

and always remember, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Samantha M. Dowd said...

Hey sweetie, we all have those days. and it was great you were able to find some good in the day. Sounds like a wonderful walk.