21 July, 2008

Silly Things

First...an unstuffed alien in progress. I am using the only washable worsted I could find in the house, a lovely Red Heart, and trying out Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar pattern for yesterday, Dolly Dorothy. So far, alien's got two legs, and a tummy (not pictured). I am about to decrease for the neck.

Second...who loves UK shoe sizing? Meeeee. Do you know I am a 6.5 in UK shoes? [I wear a 9 or thereabouts in US shoes.] UK sizing sounds so much nicer, and look at this supah-fab new shoe. Scored at TK Maxx today - a pair of Biostep shoes in electric blue that fit like they were made for me. They're a little loose all over without socks, which means they should be perfect for Crazy Sock Display. No?


Anonymous said...

Very cute shoes!

Lynn said...

Great shoes! And the alien has bell bottoms!!!! He's an alien from the 70s!!!!

Toni said...

VERY cute shoes!!! Do they have less insane clothing sizes as well?

AJ Reese said...

Fabulous rockin' electric blue!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to peep into your blog, but I was actually googling for those exact shoes (as I fell for them in TK Max in Glasgow and then again in Leeds & can't seem to find them in a size bigger then UK 6.)

Anyway, just wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me what city yours have come from, in the off chance that it might be somewhere within reason that I might be able to get someone to try and pick me up a pair for me. (I realize that sounds a bit silly, but its not everyday that one finds such bright blue shoes.)

Thank you for helping me in my blue biostep hunt.

(I can be reached @ anna_fish_1@yahoo.co.uk)