11 July, 2008

A Wee Update

I know I've been away...sorry, all you Gentle Readers :)

The last couple of weeks have been indeed hectic. There was much backing and forthing to the theatre for dance rehearsals, and then we ended the week with FOUR performances. All of which went very well. Miss Lily was a fetching piglet, and ran around the stage doing her ballet thing, ignoring the audience like a pro.

There were tears of pride, I confess!

Here's a picture of our ballerina. I asked her to say "Cheese," and she struck a pose. Very Dance Artiste...

This week it's been recovery from Ballet Week, with some massive laundry, etc., and now we are into School Play mode. Dress rehearsal was Wednesday, opening night last night, and the last performance tonight. I'll have pictures, and if any come out, I will post one. No photos during, just after the curtain call.

The play? Romeo and Juliet, in musical form. A tad ambitious for a bunch of 8- to 11-year-olds, but they pull it off, sword fights, poisoning, ballroom scene and all!

David has his first speaking part in a school production, and is very pleased with all three lines of it. He's Gregory of the Capulets. Everyone sings, and it was just lovely to hear 40 children singing the songs we've been hearing in the car and around the house for months now.

Every year the Key Stage 2 children put on a play, always a musical since we've been here. The teachers do a fantastic job getting them involved in every aspect, and everyone is on stage as Greek chorus all the time, with characters stepping forward as their scenes come up. So even the littler ones with no lines are "performing" the whole time.


Susie J. said...

ohhhh, check out the pointy toe! Very nice, Miss Lilybean! Sounds crazy-busy there, I hope you get a chance to breathe soon. :)

Toni said...

It sounds like such a fabulous week! And what a lovely ballerina!

Lynn said...

LOVE that toe!!! Such form!!!! She's gorgeous! LOL And yes Ballet week is exhausting!!!! Glad she had fun and that it all turned out well. And kudos to David on his speaking part!!