26 August, 2008

Busy Summer Days

Sorry I haven't checked in to report summer's doings, but we have been keeping busy here. Kids go back to school next Tuesday and this week we will head to Windsor, Legoland and Stonehenge to crown the summer holiday.

David has just gotten a new (to us) car, so looking forward to the road trip in that. It's a Citroen C5. So now we have two French cars. I find that amusing, for some reason.

We've taken in the Doctor Who exhibition in London, the History Fair at West Acre (Iron Age through English Civil War - excellent Roman reenactors and a real life archeological excavation, too), and the Mediaeval Spectacular at Pensthorpe. That was truly good fun. David was happy to visit with his favorite vendors: Pan's Pantry, who have a great medieval incense stall.

I didn't even BRING my camera to Pensthorpe, and took only a few pics at the other events. Perhaps I will post a few, perhaps not...we'll see.

Various volunteer stuff with the squadron is also keeping my hours full. Harriss is with us for about 2 more weeks. I know we'll get down to London the weekend before she goes (also her birthday weekend), and I'm booked for IKnitLondon's big day out with Yarn Harlot on Sat. the 6th.

Knitting stuff - I've got 90% of an ugly alien. I may get inspired to finish it to enter in the IKnit Alien competition, or I may not. I've got a sock and a half of what I call my Soctor Who socks. The colors are browns and the orange/blue combo that is so typical of the new Who episodes. Might have pics of those too.

Anyway, we're all well, good, and fabulous. Just busy!

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Susie J. said...

heehee... Socter Who. Cracking up over that one.