01 August, 2008

How We Spent Our Wednesday

Wonder why these policemen are gathered round... Hmm, what's with the crowds?

Oh, yes...it's the Sandringham Flower Show. That means - royals! Prince Charles is a patron of the show, and we actually were about 3 feet away from him as he walked to the local schools' display tent to view the students' art projects. We had gone down to have a look ourselves during my hour away from the preschool stall but got trapped behind the rope line.

The preschool's cake stall did a booming business, so I didn't really get to walk around the show this year, but the weather was fantastic and I think the kids had a good day, going about with Harriss to the school display, the carousel, several Punch and Judy shows and this and that.


AJ Reese said...

Was there elderflower cordial this year? It's good to know that the cake sales went so well.

Samantha M. Dowd said...

you see the coolest people :)