03 November, 2008

Halloween - Part I

The littles attended two fabulous Halloween parties (three if you count last weekend's birthday party for a friend), one at David's workplace and one at church. I helped set up and run both parties, which meant the kids were dragged along hours before each party, too. They were real troupers, and I am proud of their great behavior and ability to keep themselves entertained while I hung banners, and all that jazz.

At party number one, David was a vampire and Lily was Rapunzel. A friend took these photos, and I am so grateful since I didn't even have the Broken Camera of Doom along.

At party number two, David was an even better vampire and Lily was a pretty Bat Princess. Again, no pictures, and I don't know if anyone got any. I may have to do a re-enactment to get pictures of that!

Both parties ended with trunk-or-treat - a bunch of folks park, decorate their trunks, and hand out candy. It's a great way to take them trick or treating in a confined area, and worked really well for church since trick or treat is not the Huge Deal it is in the US. The Littles ended up with more candy than last year, and have been on a nice sugar high since Thursday night. Actually, they're pretty reasonable about consumption, and they've still got a bunch of treats left, unlike me when I was their age.


Lynn said...

Great costumes! And I know what Big D should get you for xmas, a new CAMERA!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww...what could be cuter than kids in their costumes?

Glad they had a good time. Seems Halloween is a growing idea across the pond.

Susie J. said...

Love the costumes! And do I recognize miss Lilybean's pointy hat? Didn't you get that for her while I was there? (then again, I could just be imagining things)