15 February, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

 Happy Sunday, everyone!

We had a quiet but good Valentine's Day here.  Kiddies got a little bit of chocolate and Red Noses, and I enjoyed some chocolate from David (a little Green and Black's Butterscotch bar).  We also got a special call from our far-away Valentine, and he sent red roses, too.  Aren't they pretty? 

'Cause he's  a sweetie like that.  I know how lucky I am.  [Thanks, baby!! I hope your Valentine's chocolate wasn't too melty...]


Anonymous said...

Your roses are beautiful!

Lynn said...

Ok how many men can't send flowers from the same house let alone from the sand box?!?! He put many men to shame today.

Anonymous said...

Two things, my sweet Susie...first: where the heck are you? And second: you've knitted lace and I am trying my first pattern. Does it make sense for the pattern chart to read: SL12, knit 1, psso? Slip 12? And then pass each of the 12 over the knitted stitch one by one? Your help would be so appreciated! xoxoxo Marianne

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...here is the link to the pattern if you could take a look at it?


Again, gracias!

Susie H said...

Ahhh, looked at the pattern, and it is Slip 2, knit 1, pass slipped stitched over. You end up decreasing 3 stitches into 1. I'll try emailing this too, in case you don't get followup comments!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and I feel so, ummm.....duh? hahahaha That "l" is certainly an "el". Thinking it was a one, I was envisioning a great scallop! Thanks so much Susie. This is certainly far less complicated than I wanted to make it. again...xoxo