23 September, 2006

September Socks Finished

FO: One pair of Vanilla Blue socks.
Yarn: Sirdar Legend DK (wool blend) from stash, 2 skeins and it took all but 3 yards of each skein!
Needles: size 1 (US)dpns. I thought they were size 2, until after I'd finished. I'm glad I didn't know because small needles make me nervous.

Socks modelled by my mom because the pictures I took of my feet from above were...not flattering to the socks? They're a tiny big big for her, but perfect for me.


Lynn said...

I LOVE them!!! You did a great job on them. I personally like vanilla socks. I like the mindlessness of it all, and by the time I start getting tired of all that knitting, I have a heel or a toe to complete! Very nice and you got your sock done before the end of the month! Good for you!!

Susie J. said...

I'm in LURV with those socks! Such a pretty color, and they look so comfy!

Teri.p said...

Nice socks! Like Lynn, I really like plain vanilla socks, both knitting them and wearing them.