12 November, 2006

Best. King Arthur. Tale. EVER.

I finished reading The Sword in the Stone to David this evening. This has been an off-and-on part of our bedtime routine for a few months. The first time I read this book, at 9 or so, it rocked me back on my heels to encounter such vivid writing; I've re-read it many, many times since and the older I grow, the better it is.

It was a perfect read-aloud book for us, giving me a chance to perform and David a chance to sit back and be read TO. That's a rarity when you're 7 and your reading levels are far off the scales... The writing style is denser and much more descriptive than today's books aimed at children, even the Harry Potter books, but it's a terrific tale even at his age for listening. I loved the edition pictured here, which has some absolutely gorgeous color illustrations in it by Dennis Nolan.

In other news, mom's returned from the Mystery Tour, which packed a LOT into 3 days. They visited Oxford, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, AND Greenwich (home of the prime meridian and Greenwich Mean Time and the Cutty Sark and lots of coolness). But wait, that wasn't quite enough - how about the London Eye as well? Quite the weekend!!


Susie H said...

Marianne - it's such a great book. The chapters in which Wart (Arthur) is turned into various animals as part of his education work for little kids, and on a completely different level for grownups. Not sure how well it would go over in a kindergarten class as a whole, but you know your kiddoes and what they like, so definitely check it out! Ahhh, the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. On the Banks of PLum Creek was the first book I read, after I broke the code with Sam and the Firefly (an awesome beginning reader picture book still, IMO)...

Lynn said...

Wow I'm impressed that he lets you read TO him!!! Mine wont even let me do that!! And neither will baby girl! She only wants #1Son to read to her. I've been put out to pasture at such a young age!