26 November, 2006

Turkey Lurkey Loo...

Here's what Thanskgiving turkey looks like on Day 4:

I'd say it's a good thing we only cooked a 4-kilo turkey, wouldn't you, Gentle Reader? The turkey noodle soup was lovely for tonight's dinner, though. All's pretty much well here as we roll to the end of the lovely long weekend.

A few glitches popped up - the weather totally failed to cooperate yesterday so the friends we hoped would come by couldn't make it, Lily has blossomed with a lovely cough today, and...what else? Oh. Yeah. My lovely little car won't start. The engine turns over but immediately stops unless you keep the gas pressed. Taxi man is lined up for David for school tomorrow, and I'll be communing with the local garage. I think they tow in. I sure hope they do!!

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Lynn said...

Ok that crock pot looks YUMMY! Sorry LilyBean is sick, but I'm right there with you with Baby Girl. Hope she feels better soon! And that Little D stays healthy.