05 December, 2007

The Donkey's Trip

This is part of David the Younger's project for school, a collection of work about The Road to Bethlehem. Here it is, exactly as typed by David last night - sans the cool Word Art (something I didn't discover until I was in my thirties. God bless computer class at school. God bless my very amusing son, and his distinctive writing style. He impresses me beyond words.

Hello. I’m the donkey Mary and Joseph chose to ride to Bethlehem. Out of all the donkeys, why me? And Bethlehem, of all places!
It’s so far away! Ah well. Shh, they’re talking! “Are we there yet?” That’s Mary. Nice woman, but kind of heavy. “Mary, just relax and hope the baby doesn’t come yet.” That was Joseph.
When we pass people, I hear whispers about kings and something called “the East” or “the Orient”. What could it mean? Oh look! There’s Bethlehem. And there’s the inn where we’ll stay. Peace at last! Wait!
Joseph and the innkeeper are arguing. Joseph says to let them in because his wife is about to have a baby, but the innkeeper says they’re full. Ooh, now they’re shouting. The innkeeper says they can stay in the stable. Just in time, too! Mary’s just had her baby! He’s in the manger. Ooh, that’s a bright light outside. It’s almost like a star…


Lynn said...

LOL LOVE this!!! My favorite part? "That's Mary. Nice woman, but kind of heavy." ROTFL!!!

He has SUCH a creative mind! #1 Son has been writing abt stolen peaches and fingerprints that were there but washed away by the sudden hurricane! LOL

Rosie said...

Love it! Are you going to include photocopies with your Christmas cards? he has such talent!

Toni said...

I love this! The "Nice woman, but kind of heavy" had me laughing outloud.

How fun!

Susie J. said...

"That’s Mary. Nice woman, but kind of heavy."
Oh my... I have tears streaming down my face. I cannot stop laughing.

What a wonderful story! I love it!! Mary just wrote a story about 5 snowmen and 5 little children:

Five Snowmans went to the park and the little chilren followed them, with a Christmas tree in their hand.
"The End" was the snowman's name. And the 2nd was named Dale. Adn the name for the 3rd snowman was Derrick. Nolan was the next. And Ann was the next. And the 1st kid was named Dale, and they had the same names. And the 2nd was Happy. and the next was Laugh. And the next was Mary. Adn the next was Roland. And the mom was named Surprise!
The End.