25 December, 2007

A Photo-laden Christmas Post

David The Younger woke up at 8:30 this morning and Daddy called just a minute after that, so we woke up the Lilster and headed downstairs to see what was there. I had put out our gifts, and Santa had come as well.
We got to open some gifts while David was on the phone (he gets 15 whole minutes, so obviously couldn't stay on the line while they checked everything out).
Here are all the pictures I sent to Dadster this morning, so he could get a look at what was going on.

Once David opened this book (Do Not Open), it was difficult to get him to open anything else. It's just as riveting as he thought it would be. Seriously, he sat for the better part of an hour before he opened his other gifts.

He was quite happy with the Doctor Who action figures when he did open them, however. Here's Brannigan.

Lily, she was thrilled with her fairy wand and fairy wings from Santa Claus. Apologies for the blur in some of these pictures, but it's tough to find the right setting for early morning inside shots without making everyone look pasty white.

Probably the biggest hit for Lily apart from the fairy bits is Baby Alive. As you can see, they've bonded already. Lily said "She's the doll I've always wanted!" BA has been christened Isabelle. Thank you to Auntie Laura and Uncle Doug!

Apologies, Gentle Readers, for the poor layout of this post. My Mad Bloggin Skillz are not up to the challenge of getting the text to stay in the right spots today, but I did want to put the pictures in for you.

This wondeful thing is my present from David; it's an electric "wood stove" to heat the hitherto-unheated knitting house, and I've been wanting one for over a year. It's even nicer than I hoped, and I have it going in the big house today just so I can enjoy it. I hope you are having a cozy, comfy Christmas morning too, wherever you are.

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