06 December, 2007


Today, Chrissie and I went to Newmarket for a spot of rainy day shopping. We checked out all the charity shops within our sights, of course, and look what hopped into my wheeled shopper (you know you want to be a groovy shopping chick like me, with a wheeled shopping cart...). Isn't it fantabulous?

When I brought the bag to the counter, the woman at the till asked if I would like the box it came in. Why, yes. Yes, I would! It's so nifty to know a little bit more about an item. This was an applique-by-numbers bag kit, from General Crafts in Baltimore, MD (obviously, karma meant for me to have this bag, with all my Baltimore time), from 1967. So it's 40 years old, and absolutely mint for all that. I'm absolutely tickled by my find. Now I just need the hairstyle and some white gloves, so I can be every bit as rockstar cool as the model on the box.

This blog showcases zillions of vintage bags; click on that embedded link for several that come from the same maker as my new baby. I like the travel-themed one, and the peacock bag, myself.


Susie J. said...

Cute, cute!! Totally jealous here. And I'm LOVING the Spanish Dancer bag on the other blog!

Toni said...

Cute! And just think how much knitting it could hold--a major requirement for all really good bags.

And I'm off to see the blog with more vintage bags!

Lynn said...

What a great find!! And the fact that the box was included is amazing!! See, some things can last 40+ years!! LOL

And I agree, you need ot get the matching white gloves.