27 May, 2008

Best-laid Plans and All That.

We've had a really nice, quiet weekend here. Enjoyed the first day and a half of sunshine and outdoor grilling. Sunday and Monday were pretty grim and rainy, but we hung out and enjoyed the break.

Today brought a screeching halt to the rest of this week's mild plans for half-term fun, however. Lily's friend is over for a playdate, and because it's raining, my idea was to head to a local indoor play place.

Bad news? As I started out the driveway, the car just...died. There's no re-starting it.

Good news? It happened literally 10 feet from the driveway entrance so we could all easily return home.

Bad news? No idea what's wrong and the car is actually IN the road, although far enough to the left that cars can get around easily.

Good news? Our little lane is VERY lightly trafficked.

Bad news? I have car-inclusive plans for tomorrow AND Thursday.

Good news? The mechanic can come here and have a look today.

Bad news? Not until later...much later.

Good news? Kids are still happy to stay home and make/eat cupcakes and play.

Bad news? No more really. Just have to stay tuned and see what the problem is, and hope for the best...


Susie J. said...

YIKES!! That is definitely NOT good news. (well, some parts were... you know what I mean) If I were there, I'd totally drive you around.

Rosie said...

Oh, no. Hope the mechanic has cured it for you.

Toni said...

Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cars can be such a pain!

I'm "IT" in the latest internet/blogland game of tag, so you are "tagged." See my knitting blog for details.

Hope the car get better soon!!!

Lynn said...

Well at least you weren't far from home. Could have been SO much worse. Of course not having a car when you have plans including it is a real pain.....