11 July, 2008

Adamas: The Sequel

I've decided to frog the light blue cashmere Adamas I have started. It was only through Chart 1, and it's simply too fine for the needles I have. I will have to get a size 2 or 3 (US) lace needle.

Instead, I've begun an Adamas from this amazing wool - Seacoast Handpainted merino laceweight, in Sahara. Gorgeous, gorgeous color changes. I bought this from Sonny and Shear a few months back. This is MUCH, much easier to work with on a size 5 needle. I've already finished Chart 1, in about an hour's desultory knitting, while listening to a Miss Marple podcast.

Check out my LazyGirl technique here. I'm knitting straight from the swift, rather than skeining the yarn. This means the project isn't portable, but what the heck. Note the innovative use of cloth napkin to protect the coffee table finish. Heh.


Susie J. said...

Very sneaky of you!

Julie said...

I am starting the Adamas shawl with some beautiful light pink lace weight. Heard Miriam Felton speak last year at our local
knitting guild. Love her patterns. Your shawl is so beautiful.