03 December, 2008

Perfect Day

Recipe for the perfect day
Take one husband, add train ride to Cambridge, sunny crisp weather, a trip to the Apple Store and John Lewis (and many other browsing opportunities), Wagamama for lunch, chocolate, the new James Bond flick, and a birthday present found for darling son. (Check out that link  - very cool.)

That was today, and it was wonderful.  Thanks to our awesome friend, who came over with her daughter to play, make pizza, and babysit so we could come back later than usual.

I feel like Christmas came early!! 

[Not so confidential to David:  I love you, baby...]


Anonymous said...

That ball thing will be a VERY cool present. I'd like playing with it. LOL

Glad you had a nice day out. As for my sock ... I bought two more skeins of the wool just in case. I still don't know if I'll run out for sure, but I'm prepared if I do.

Lynn said...

what a great day you had!! How was the new flick? It's on my list to see.

and that marble contraption is awesome! #1 Son would LOVE it!

Elizabeth said...

How was the movie?

Love that marble thingie. I'll have to see if I can find one for my young man!

What a fun day!

Bec said...

Oooo, Wagamama! I'm excited (or at least I will be if we ever get our orders) to be in the land of Wagamama. I was in London over my birthday once and that's where we ate my birthday dinner. Then this summer when we were in Australia, we celebrated my half-birthday there!